Sound Collage-Mitsuko

Sound Collage


3 thoughts on “Sound Collage-Mitsuko

  1. I think it was interesting that you didn’t say where the sounds came from or how they were altered because it made the experience a bit more immersive, although I am still curious. Obviously, there was breathing, but I’m not sure what else was happening. It felt full, and since I was listening to headphones, I felt inside of it. The organic and familiar nature of the breathing encouraged me to almost feel weighed down and out of breath myself.

    I’d be interested to hear what the goal was with this work and exactly how the sounds were made. If I were you, I might experiment with different levels of reverb on the breathing (although I think it should be dry when the breathing is very loud), but it also sounds good exactly as it is.


  2. Mitsuko,

    Listening to your collage, I felt I was eavesdropping on some intimate act. So there is this voyeuristic aspect of the listening experience, which is thrilling, but also anxious. This piece seems like it’s really about changes in bodily tension, and the way tension and excitement communicated through breath. As your breathing became less regular toward the end of the piece, I expected a climax that would return your breath to its original state. This came as a clap, which I understand as the collision of two objects. I think you could experiment with other climax sounds, but the sound that you choose for the climax is crucial.

    It was difficult for me at first to discern a connection between the breathing sounds and the high pitched squealing / hissing sounds. But listening again, I imagine those secondary sounds as hands running against fabric or some other material, or the flow of water from a faucet.

    What I appreciate your collage is how it foregrounds universal sounds that most people are reluctant to share.

    – Miles

  3. Hi Mitsuko,

    This is a captivatingly visceral piece, and I agree with Adam’s comment that as a listener, I feel as if I am inside the sound. I also feel as if I am cheating a bit, since I was privy to how you made the sounds for the recording! I think my favorite part is at about the 38 second mark when you combine (I think) the heavier breathing with the sounds of your hands/arms brushing/rubbing together. I am not quite sure how to describe this, and it may sound a bit strange, but… The sounds do not synch up in a logical way, and this is for some reason incredibly pleasing to me. It is as if the breather has become disembodied from her limbs, and has therefore achieved some kind of ecstatic freedom. To me, this approximates being in two places at once in a Castaneda kind of way. Maybe I am picking this up from the focused measure of the breathing? Regarding the clap toward the end, I like that it kind of catches me off guard in that I do not anticipate the piece ending so soon (I was listening with my eyes closed). But it is not too loud, and therefore not unpleasant or jarring. Alternatively, I agree with Miles that you could experiment with other types of climax sounds. Briefly rewind yourself? Just a thought…

    Good job!!


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