Laurie Anderson- Duet on Ice (Mitsuko)

Laurie Anderson- Duet on Ice 1975 

This video is a rendition of the piece from 2012 in which Laurie Anderson performs for about 15 minutes but not until the ice fully melts. In 1975, it was said she played her piece until the ice fully melted. I liked Anderson’s juxtaposition of endlessness vs. temporality. Her piece consists of various loops from the violin; therefore, insinuating no beginning nor end. The use of ice, creates a ending for the piece. Due to the use of ice, there is a variability in the piece’s length.  This variability is a unique approach to performance art; as Anderson makes it very clear that no performance is duplicatable. 

Although I enjoyed her usage of ice, the sounds and ice were two very separate components. I liked the sounds Anderson created; however, I was a little confused by the extra voice sounds and background beats that seemed to be playing. I think I would have liked the piece more if the music was a little simpler and it was just Anderson’s playing that was looped. The simplicity of the music would have spoken stronger with the simplicity of the ice. 


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