Jack Goldstein

This is a collection of pieces each on seven-inch records of various colors (the article listed The Dying Wind, which is part of the suite, on p. 177).  I am having a hard time deciphering the actual intention of the work.  I think it is a work of isolating sounds of the world and replaying them in a different location.  However, one of the articles I read suggests that these sounds were ones the artist wanted to use for films.  Perhaps the latter was his original intention, and then he wanted to isolate these sounds as works of their own.  He was very deliberate in choosing the appropriate colors for the vinyls so that they matched with the character of the sound.  The sounds can be found here.

I found the sounds complex and interesting to listen to just streaming onto my laptop.  However, I don’t think I got the complete experience.  It would be more complete to hear and SEE the record playing.  The strange thing about a work like this is that you can choose what element to focus on.  I think the sound is the most important aspect, but I have not seen the vinyls.  However, I found a website of a gallery that had a set on display a few years ago – and it was all 9 colored records frames and signed (an entirely visual display).  I can’t decide if I love or hate this ambiguity.


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