Group Project – Adam, Caroline, Miles, Michael

Below is the video demo of our group project featuring the wonderful sounds of paper.

So far, our program has the following effects:

1. Paper crumpled sound when mouse is clicked.

2. Paper ripping sound during click and drag. Velocity is mapped to the speed of the playback of the rip.

3. Typewriter sounds in response to typing including ding and return.

4. A surprise paper-related audio sample upon startup.




2 thoughts on “Group Project – Adam, Caroline, Miles, Michael

  1. I enjoyed this very much! I agree that it would be ideal for this to run in the background while the user is performing typical tasks on his or her computer. I personally would find greater enjoyment in my boring computer-related tasks if there were some nice real-life paper-related sound effects! Maybe some other paper sounds could include: paper shuffling when scrolling the mouse, paper shredding when using the backspace key?

  2. I like how the time displacement happened when you replaced the sounds of a 50~ year-old machine with sounds of its precedents from hundreds of years ago. The velocity mapping to the paper ripping speed is also a very thoughtful sound design. Really enjoyed it!
    I would like to know, from seeing/hearing, what happened (a history of interactions) to the “paper”. When we’re play with real paper, every interaction leaves a trace, a folding line would always be there even if you tried to flatten it afterwards. Just a thought 🙂

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