collage comp : astral totems



2 thoughts on “collage comp : astral totems

  1. Lazie, first of all, I just have to compliment on how beautiful this piece it. I was surprise to hear the first part of the audio, for I was expecting your voice to come in first. It actually makes the piece more interesting and ties the piece together with an introduction and also ending. The way you added in the acoustic echo effect is also very in synch with the poem itself. I really enjoy listening to the piece, and it is a very inspiring 2:27 of sound.

    I know you are very inspired by the nature as it is a recurring theme in your artworks.
    I suggest collecting more nature sounds in daily lives, actually visiting places to collect audio clips.

    There are a lot of artists that deal specifically with nature sounds and you ca go listen to those.

    Your piece also has a very meditative and relaxing quality that I also can find in those “meditation-relaxation music” you can find for yoga or sleep. Although your sound collage has more conceptual quality to it that I enjoy more, you can still get inspired by those meditation music and maybe find some parallel in those.

    -Ruby W.

  2. Hi Lazae,

    I too want to say how much I enjoyed listening to this piece. I was listening to it very semantically, to understand your poem and get a feeling for the background sounds. Although I knew the background sounds, I did not care to causally understand or figure them out. They created a open, kinetic atmosphere. I think you could work further on what specific mood you want to se. Do you want it to be specific, or do you want to leave it ambiguous?

    I am very curious about the potential of this piece and your other poems as installations. How would you install this? Would it be performed? Would you make it an individual or group experience? Am I the eater? etc.

    Agnes Bolt and Nina Sarnelle’s work are very different. However, their piece Sisters of Lattice has a similar quality as you, of creating an immersive, dreamlike, reality-challenging, experience for the viewers. (Click on the first video)
    It might give you ideas of ways to approach the formal aspects of this piece.

    Can’t wait to hear more!


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