Sound Collage – Caroline

I already know that I am going to make a sonic representation of a fully scaled house. This involves both recording and composing the sound and arranging the sound spatially. The sound will playback through wireless headphones depending on the viewers position in the space. The goal is for the sound to simulate the immediate presence of a living house structure, which is not in fact fully realized within the space. 


The sound should be simple and focus on creating the experience of being in a space that is not there. We need to carefully craft how the sound creates the mental image of the space. Here is a list of some of the sonic descriptors we want in the space: 


– different room tones in each room of the home.

– outdoor noises close to the front of the house near the windows. 

– a clock on the far side of the living room 

– the buzzing of a fridge. 

– a single drip in the bathroom. 


These will be the constant sounds of the space. I also want some very mundane actions of a couple moving through out the space. My current thought is to work with actors: give them the character and situation and then have them perform mundane actions like come home collapse on the couch, read, make themselves team etc. The height of action will be some one going up the stairs or walking past.



Open Question: 

How are the sounds of the first and second floor going to intermingle? 

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