Found Sound Collage Ideas

1. Found Sound Collage from one specific location:  For this idea, I would choose a very specific spot and record as many different sounds from this spot as possible over a large frame of time.  Putting the geographic limitation on my sound collection would force me to listen in a very critical and detailed manner and force me to hear sounds I would typically disregard.  I do not have one particular spot in mind: perhaps somewhere on campus that is bustlingly busy at some parts of the day and quiet at night.  With these sounds I would create a collage.  I am considering two different directions for this: a. layer and edit the sounds to create a collage that represents that place; b. layer and edit the sounds to create a soundscape that does NOT sound like the space, rather create a fictional space from real sounds.

2. Found Object Instrument: I was inspired by a lot of the examples that feature found objects as percussion instruments.  For this idea, I would use found objects that are meant to be discarded and recycle (upcycle!) them to create an array of percussion instruments designed to be played simultaneously by a group of people.  It would both be a visual art piece and a functional instrument.  It would be intended to be interacted with and to force those interacting with it to view their “trash” in a different way.

3. Found Media Project: For this I would be definitely using many found sounds (100+).  I would take 1-second samples of popular songs to create a collage of them that creates a generic “pop song.”  I don’t believe that 1-second samples would be breaking copyright law, especially if they are from unrecognizable parts of the songs.  It would also be fun to sample specific words to create my own lyrics in this sound collage.


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