Found Sound Collage Ideas- Ruby

My first idea for this found sound project is to create an audio piece titled “Orange”, literally, out of an orange- by that, I mean the sounds made by stabbing, pealing, squeezing, etc. the fruit. I am interested in exploring the sounds one single fruit can make. I believe orange is one of the fruits that can create an exciting amount of sounds that can allow to me compose them into an interesting audio piece. As an art major, I find it hard to not think about the color when the word orange is brought out. However, orange is also one of the least used colors in my painting palette. When I think of the exemplar color of orange, I see this bright neon almost Cheetos like hue that absolutely disgusts me (even though I like Cheetos). Thus, I wish to compose the audio with the idea of the feelings this color induces in me.


My second idea is to create another audio collage of found sounds that are of people eating. Of course relating back to the idea of food eroticism. I will collect variety of eating sounds of both men and women, and arrange them in a way that is almost like a dialogue. The audio aims to evoke a humorous yet poetic experience of hearing people eating, and yet to feel an underlying discomfort from the sexual implication of these eating noises.


The last idea is to bring one hundred candies and record their sound to make a almost narrative audio collage that describes a happy candy land with happy candy citizens living there. I wish this can almost be like a Will Cotton painting of giant gummy bears and dripping lollipops and root-beer fountains. I may use candies with wrappers to make the sounds more interesting. I am not sure how to make describe the scene, but I may even use a Will Cotton painting as a reference, and compose an audio collage with the sounds I record from playing with 100 pieces of candies. For any of you who do not know Will Cotton’s paintings: He is also the guy who inspired Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video. 



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