Found Sound Collage Ideas – Michael Importico

Found Sound Collage Ideas – Michael Importico

I want to make field recordings and have a go with the  ‘cut up’ technique.  Below are some preliminary ideas for sourcing the field recordings.  It’s a bit difficult to project the final outcome as randomness is an element of the work.

1. I’m interested in collecting sounds from my car en-route to a destination.  I want to put contact microphones at various locations on my car and mix these sounds together for a complete sound of my vehicle in transit.  I was thinking I’d place mics under the hood to get the sounds of acceleration and shifting gears.  Also, I’d like to add in exhaust sounds as they directly correspond to the engine sounds.  Additionally, I think collecting the sounds of the door opening and closing would denote the beginning and end of the work.

I think there is potential for this work to become a ‘cut up’.. and through this random act of splicing the audio of a journey, I am interested to see if the notion of movement or travel is still present.

The original un-cut up recording will be recorded and mixed live and have a sequence similar to this.

Door opening and closing -> engine starting  -> put into gear -> driving, stopping, turn signals -> stopping, out of gear -> door opening door closing

2. I’m very much interested in recording the train tracks with a contact mic.  I’m very curious to experience ‘putting my ear’ to the tracks, but through a mediated level of technology.  Im also interested in the distance the sound will travel through the tracks – will the technology hear it before I can with my ear? Additionally, I’d like to capture the other sounds of a train crossing to add to the collage.  The sounds of the ‘ding ding ding ding’ when the gates come down and the red light flash to warn oncoming traffic of the train.


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