Found Sound Collage ideas

1. Breath – I’m very interested in breath (that I’m even making a controller for it). It’s almost a noise, but it also contains so much information. For example, soft breath = calm, a long exhale = relieve, etc. The materials that I’m thinking of using are vocal sounds and breath.

2. We Human Monsters – We’d like to call ourselves civilized human beings, but our bodies are sometimes not. They lose controls, take us back to the “animal” state and they make sounds that you’re embarrassed with like snores, stomach movements, farts, hiccups… You could sound like a monster when only your body talks. For this idea, I’m thinking collecting sounds like these mentioned above to make a collage of the monster properties we have.


3. APIs – the freesound API seems fun to play with. One rough idea is to use EchoNest API to real-time get the hit song lyrics and replace the words with sounds grabbed from freesound using tags.


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