Found Sound 3 ideas Mitsuko

All of my ideas have the element of performance. My first idea is to record sounds of my body, percussively, breathing, etc. and then create a track to create movement to. I’d like to wear the speaker on my body, to instill the idea that I am the musical instrument. 

My second idea is to use found sound instantly by myself and/or the viewers, and create a looping with a guitar pedal in which I dance to the sounds created by the loop. I like the idea of improvising and instanteneously creating a composition. Using myself or viewers would drastically change the piece, but I am interested in both ideas. 

My last idea is a mechanism that I wear that is recording the sounds of my body and then connected to a speaker, amplified for the viewers to hear.  I am particularly interested in the breath and intestinal sounds. I am less interested in the heart beat as it seems to expected. I am interested in the ideas of moving to my own instrument. 

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