Collage Ideas – Jake

1.  Water:  I think that it is important to me to maintain some element of consistency among all the parts that ultimately make up my collage.  With this in mind, my first idea is to record sounds made by water, in as many contexts as possible.  I’ve lately been very interested in the wide range of noises water can make when it is touched in different ways.  The biggest challenge here would be figuring out a good (safe) microphone setup.

2.  Footsteps:  Again keeping in mind that consistency might be important, I think that recording the sounds made by people walking might be an interesting path to take.  Walking through snow, puddles, long hallways, bathrooms, etc, all create very noises that might sound very different, but still sound like footsteps.  Similarly, using footsteps might create an interesting way to turn the project into a “journey” with a more concrete “storyline.”

3.  Overheard:  I’m not 100% sure this one is legal.  But it would be pretty cool to just take a microphone around Pittsburgh and record bits and pieces of random conversations I hear.  Splicing them together I could create a new conversation, and layering them might be interesting as well.  I would need to secure a mobile microphone setup, assuming that the microphone on my iPhone is inadequate.


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