3 collages

1. Collage of ambience of Doherty Hall (and connected buildings maybe). Perhaps give it some controls for interactivity for the creation of a traversable virtual soundscape, with no visual cues. Inspiration: When I was a freshman, I was only a CIT student who’s only been to the lecture halls in DH that everybody else goes to. I didn’t know much about that part of Doherty, other than the fact that it had incredibly creepy ambience at 4am.

2. Collage of computer noises. Not quite the same as what Adam was doing for his noise machine, in that this will consist of samples of computer-generated noises, both digitally (eg “you can’t do that” beep) and electrically (eg the beep from the computer speaker and hard drive clicking). I will especially want to use samples of older computers with floppy drives and the dial up tone. Inspiration: When I was young, my family’s computer frequently caught viruses. I was always frightened when it makes a loud beep and an ominous message. I especially remember the time when the computer would freeze up and generate bizarre rhythmic noises and quiet dial up tones. Nowadays, I occasionally have bad dreams of my computer malfunctioning like what happened in the past, except more surreal. I’m always relieved that my computer is fine when I wake up (or realize it’s a dream).

3. Collage of a traveling blind person. Recordings from binaural mics are incredibly spatialized and realistic. I could create a “movie” with a narrative (not necessarily spoken) with “cuts” and “action scenes” with absolutely no visual element. I’m not entirely sure what kind of travel/adventure I would like to document/synthesize. Has this been done before?

I may or may not settle with a more ambitious (but currently less inspired) project involving algorithmic generation of music using echonest and samples scraped from youtube/soundcloud/freesound. If you also want to do something like this, let me know.


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