Sound collage, three ideas

My first idea is to use samples taken from the halls of CFA that showcase musicians practicing in the practice rooms and studios. I really liked the idea of showcasing the “unseen” work that goes in to perfecting an art and I thought the snippets from practice rooms and lessons were a good way to show this. My only thought is that there is no guarantee that the samples will all be of a similar fidelity as I am recording them in a hall outside of where they are being produced. I have a fairly good idea of when the practice rooms are most “popular,” so I am fairly certain I can get a large variety of samples from plenty of sources. This is the idea on which I am most keen and interested in pursuing.

My second thought was to create sounds using just my violin, like using the body percussively, dropping the bow on the strings at various angles and on various sides, plucking the strings past the bridge or in the pegbox, etc. I wanted to avoid too many “traditional” sounds and focus instead on the innate sounds of the instrument itself. This is a somewhat selfish project as I just like strings in general and I think they are marvelous sound generators in many contexts outside of just the usual ones.

Lastly, though it is highly unlikely that I will do this, I thought it would be neat to showcase my growth as a composer by creating a collage of my works for piano from the very beginning to where I am now. The issue is that I don’t generally like to show my music and I do not have 100 pieces written for piano (though I suppose I could say that I count as one source). I do, however, like the idea of creating a snapshot of my musical language through samples, so I could do without the “growth” aspect and just showcase my own music in a collage.


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