Found Sound – Miles

“Ultrafield” by Jana Winderen (2013)

In this sound work for MoMA’s 2013 survey of sound art, “Soundings: A Contemporary Score”, Jana Winderen recorded sounds made by bats, fish and insects. These sounds are normally above the human audible range, so Winderen pitched them down for this installation.”Ultrafield” points to the range of sonic activity that goes on in nature, unbeknownst to us.   

More here, including audio stream

“A Bell for Every Minute” by Stephen Vitiello (2010)

This piece is, as the title suggests, is a collage of bell sounds – one for each minute. A total of fifty-nine bells play, recorded in New York City. Bells include: United Nations Peace Bell, bike bells and bells on cats’ collars.

More here, including audio stream

This third piece doesn’t relate to found sound, but I thought I would include it anyway:

“wellenwanne lfo” by Carsten Nicolai (2012)

“wellenwanne” by Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto) also appeared in the 2013 MoMA exhibition “Soundings: A Contemporary Score”. “Wellen wanne” is German for “waves tub”, and appropriately, the artwork consists of a standing case of water, featuring ripples moving out in concentric circles from four sound generators.  Like Winderen, Nicolai brings attention to the inaudible. The “lfo” part of the title refers to low-frequency sound waves which exist beyond our range of hearing. This piece also relates to ideas from physics like interference – here is what Nicolai has to say about this complex work:

Depending on the original frequencies induced on the water surface, the interference patterns can be either regular or irregular, hence creating orderly or rather chaotic visual results that cannot be entirely controlled. In this context the installation can be perceived either as a scientific means of analysis or a resource of meditation, reflecting on natural phenomenona on an almost philosophical scope.

More here


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