Found Media – sample and remix

Samples of previous work can be used as components of/recontextualized into new works. The relationship between samples and productions can be as follows: one sample to one production (the remix, not detailed in this post), many samples to one production (sound collage/hip hop), one sample to many productions (musical memes eg the amen break), or many samples to many productions (remixes of remixes or creative works in general).

1. Many to one

A lot of electronic dance music (especially hip hop) uses samples from various sources. Here are two virtuosic and contrasting examples of music created entirely out of samples.

Live mashup/performance using well known popular music.

Intricately constructed musical sound collage using diverse and obscure sources.

2. One to many

Can I Get An Amen? is a documentary and sound art installation discussing “the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music” and intellectual property. It also has several examples of music using this sample from many genres of electronic dance music, most notably jungle music.

Here is a study I’ve done on the Amen break, at a trip-hop tempo and a jungle tempo.

3. Many to many

Everything is a remix. This documentary argues that all music (and creative works in general) is a remix of previous works, and gives perspective on intellectual property.

But enough music. How about some Youtube Poop? Bizarre Youtube videos (arguably pieces of art) consisting of heavily processed samples of animations, games, viral videos, and memes (ugh)

Who still remembers this meme back in 2006? 😐 *siiigh* those were dark times

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