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I really love the idea of FOREST (for a thousand years…), by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, a 28-minute installation created in 2012 for dOCUMENTA (13). A site-specific work, visitors sat in a forest clearing and listened to pre-recorded sounds from speakers nestled in trees and on the forest floor surrounding the clearing. According to the Art in America review, the actual sounds and recorded sounds were often indistinguishable. I am intrigued by the surreal, altered sense of reality I imagine this type of blurring between real-time and manipulated-time would facilitate.

I am including Found Sound Stories (2009) by the Digital Media Centre (at South Hill Park, UK), led by Janek Schaefer, because the video shows the process of the collaborative work being recorded. Also, I am a sucker for antiquated technology, and I quite like the old phonographs – and vinyl records – being resurrected for this project. A 30-minute edit of the hour-long piece aired on Soundart Radio.

Chris Watson’s field recordings run the gamut from more or less what you would expect (birds) to something that sounds like industrial scraping (one ant walking) to strangely beautiful (Weddell seals singing under ice).–inside-the-world-of-a-wildlife-audio-expert

From Chris Watson’s website, a video of him field recording and also sounds for listening/download:

I am not sure if this counts, so I will include it as an extra… Nine Inch Nails’ The Frail (remixed by Benelli) from Things Falling Apart:

And Brain in a Fishtank from Shpongle’s latest album:

FYI, Shpongle will be at Mr. Small’s on March 30th, supported by Desert Dwellers.



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