Found Objects – links

1. Springboard – Eric Leonardson

I’m always fond of listening to those somewhat buried and unheard daily materials. What I admire from this work is that he empowered those objects not only on the volume but also his thoughtful choices on the actuators — a bow ( for long and paddy sounds ), lollipops ( for percussive sounds ) and brushes ( for granular textured sounds ).

“The Springboard is an experimental instrument I built in 1994 to explore the sonic potential of coil springs and other readily available materials. The inaudible vibrations of these materials are amplified by one very affordable piezo disc contact microphone. When played with cello bows and homemade friction mallets, I am able to produce extraordinary sounds that belie the humble origin of these materials. ” – Eric Leonardson

2. Conte pour radios et robinets – Arno Fabre

This is an early work by one of my favorite sound artists, Arno Fabre. Different from the Springboard, this work is not an instrument and there isn’t a way for people to interact with it, but in a automatic presentation. I like it how he gave the daily objects an artwork display to invite people to listen to them, while still keeping them as what they are.

3. Dropper01 

Also, another awesome work with found objects by Arno Fabre, I think I’ve posted it somewhere as well but I’m just putting it here.



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