Digital Modular Midi Device

This is a cool idea for a device-it offers a variety of generic buttons, knobs, and faders that can be easily rearranged and then mapped to control parameters on a computer.  The design is very strong, the parts that they offer are relevant to modern midi controllers, and it offers much of the same freedoms found in traditional analog synthesis.  Processing digital signals in such a way seems to directly contradict the traditional methods of synthesis using a computer, which I like.


One thought on “Digital Modular Midi Device

  1. Hey Jake,

    Also was thinking, regarding the rochelle salt setup…where are you planning on having your speakers? Depending on what you are attaching the rochelle salt to, you might consider using a surface transducer and making the object into a speaker as well. This video will give you an idea of what I’m talking about, but you don’t actually need to use a piezo…there are other options, too:

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