AeroMIDI 3D for Leap Motion [Music Controller]

“AeroMIDI 3D” for the Leap Motion hand tracking device is a system for building and playing cube-based virtual MIDI workspaces. Like with the theremin, the Leap Motion gives no tactile feedback, which could be a potential drawback of a setup like this. What the system lacks in tactility, however, it gains in flexibility; AeroMIDI allows for arbitrary arrangements and mappings of the cubes, which could prove useful in a variety of performance and studio situations. I imagine the system is more sensitive than a traditional beat pad – even a beat pad with dynamics (something like a Korg nanoPAD), since the Leap tracks your hand position in x, y and z space. It is sensitive to how far “into” a cube you press, an idea I find novel for an instrument/controller; you’d have a hard time passing your hand through a piano.

– Miles




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