Interactive Sound – Michael Importico

MOOD –  Interactive Sound Installation created by the workshop URBAN DIVANMOOD - Interactive Art

What I love most about this work is the way it is interacted with.  This is a sound art work, yet the act that makes the sound is one that is not associated ordinarily with making sound and especially not the tinkling of the piano that this work does.  Second, I found it interesting that the swing arc is mapped to the pitch of the piano.  As the swing move one way, a glissando sweeps up the keys of a piano, and vise verse on the return.

Additionally, because the result is rather unexpected, combined with the fact most everyone knows how “to swing” it becomes a very inviting to explore and play.  There is no barrier to the understanding of this work, one does not need to know anything about anything other than sitting on a swing.  Anyone who can swing and has any small bit of curiosity will quickly engage with this work.

-michael importico


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