Video Reactions – Caroline

There were three pieces that used an interactive system and hand/body motion to create sound.It seemed to me that these were much more compelling for the performer than for the audience. I think it is simply just very difficult for the audience to fully appreciate (apart from simply understanding) that the sound is interactive rather than pre-composed. Of the gloved pieces, I thought Lady’s glove had the most potential, but I thought it would be better used in a more theatrical and less demo setting.

My favorite was Oskar Sala. I loved how he was a savant of a clunky control room instrument. As a viewer there was a lot of pleasure in the interplay between the mystery of its operation, the perceived difficulty and his skill in playing it. I saw a lot in common in the tech focused endeavor of the Radio Baton and the early experiments with sound, technologically impressive and musically disappointing.


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