Sound Machine Proposal – Caroline


Walls that Soak

(Collaborator: Leah Wulfman)

Overview of Project

I want to combine my sound machine and found sound collage project together into a single piece, that helps me prepare for an ambitious installation I am putting up this coming April at the Brew House art space in the South Side. The sound machine will be a smaller piece, which stands on its own but at the same time leads up to the larger found sound collage piece, which will eventually be translated to the exhibition space.

As a whole the project seeks to construct a fully scaled two story home through sensorial cues rather than concrete structure. There are visual components which indicate the floor plan of the first and second floor, hanging fabric and water on the floor. Both of these indicate and represent the structure. The sound component, goes beyond representation and attempts to actually embody the simulated structure by translating the aural landscape of a house into the installation space.

We are attempting to communicate a structure that is simultaneously simulated, absent and stingingly present in the space. We are putting forth a conception of home that connects to both of our personal experience of home: a shelter for daydreaming, a place of trauma, and a place that we are intending to create for ourselves.

Detailed description of machine (intended experience of the audience)

The sound machine will be a single parametric speaker, mounted on the ceiling, which shoots directly down from the ceiling and emits sound that intended to place the viewer psychologically within the interior of a home. I will be working with two layers of sound; the first layer will express the room tone of the interior space. This will be essential for creating the psychological tone of the space. The second layer will indicate human presences moving through the imaginary space ( for example: people walking, sniffing, sitting, trying to learn how to snap) It is important that the time space feel like that of a home being surveyed in live time (unedited and long enough that it doesn’t feel like the track is looping).


Ellis: In the Ellis I would like to mount the speaker and associated sound source directly above an empty space. I would like to figure out a good solution for mounting the speaker and other equipment without having messy wires. I may experiment with communicating the sound via Bluetooth.

I would like to have decent amount of floor space to make this happen and I would like put up a description of the final installation as a teaser for the final installation in the Ellis.

Ideal: The Ideal is the final installation where six speakers are arranged in a grid above the structure that emit a spatialized soundscape of a house.


Nick Inzucchi

Janet Cardiff

Guillermo Kutca

Tools I have identified

Description of early experiments

I have existing samples of sound that I want to work with to create a long feed of sound from an imaginary house. I will experiment with creating this sound track. I would like to always edit the sound on the parametric speaker because it alters the sound in a very particular way. I would like to iterate and continually get feedback because I don’t have a lot of knowledge with sound and I would like to get feedback from the class. I want to experiment with how I might emit the sound through Bluetooth and how I might create an enclosure for the speaker that makes it easy to mount.


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