Noise Machine Final Project Proposal

Full-Spectrum Noise.

Based off of an adaptation of one of my early projects, I’d like to build a full-spectrum noise machine, that doesn’t just create noise for hearing but also accompanied by noise in sight and smell. By doing so, I’d like people with anosmia, hearing or visually impaired to be able to experience noise.

Currently I’m working on a speaker design, which has an extra cone for spraying odors. Sprayed particles (to some extent) carried by the air particles moved by the sound. I’d like the incorporate the speaker, and a visual accompaniment, which can be visually distracting/unwanted fast movements of light/silhouettes matching the sounds, to create a sense of unwanted “movement” in space.


This is the current speaker design I have. Creative Commons License
Scentisound Speaker by Can Ozbay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

I’ll be adding the accompanying visuals with a projector or with multiple ipads running an openframeworks project (or a recorded playback of a file not generated dynamically (could be rendered offline *not-realtime* from my audio source – I’m not sure which one would work best – I need to try both)

First influence could be “scentee“. An Aroma notification system for iphone, which i think is the most useless iphone gadget ever invented, without even thinking what would happen if everyone in the room had it and started texting.

Second influence could be this specific image that I saw on tumblr a couple weeks ago.


Which I thought represents a perfect synesthesia. 

Another influence would be the “headpieces” by Maiko Takeda

Synesthesia Ex. 2Which I think also represents noise in visual and psychological ways. It has an alarming feeling to it, and even if it has nothing to do with sound, it made me think how awesome and scared it makes you feel just by looking at it. To me it’s another great project that describes synesthesia.

I’ll be using the dFab laser cutters (not artFab, sorry art, I need bigger laser cutters for my speakers), I’ll need speaker cones, spraying canisters, custom PCB fabrication, which I’ll be handling through OSH Park if absolutely necessary, openframeworks, a fast mac os x running computer to develop the project, an arduino DUE for the finished prototype, a projector/ipads depending on what I’ll choose to showcase the work with AND ipad/projector stand.

Brief description on early works, current designs, and progress :


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