Reduced Listening 2

Video 1

It sounds like a moving ship’s deck, minus the uneven floors, a door open, and air whistling through the door. Except it’s the other way round. It’s recorded on the deck, but the door sound it’s like coming from inside.

It made me feel cold, like I’m on the deck, and made me feel the atmosphere. It’s eerie.

Video 2

It sounds like an old cassette recording of a hail storm. Interestingly it made me feel warm, as if I’m home, and drinking warm coffee, and not caring about the storm inside.

Video 3

Sounds like radio or tv static. Reminds me of my old times in the studio where we used to experiment with white noise and acoustics.

Video 4

Sounds like NY City, it has a loud but reverberated muddy city feeling to it. Grass cutter and an airplane maybe ? Something that would trip me off if I was a neighbor hearing this.

Video 5

It’s like a rusty old swing-set in an anechoic room. Although the swings are not periodic. It makes me feel uncomfortable, feels like I’m going to fall on my face.

Video 6

It’s like a suburban area, I can barely hear cricket/bird ish sounds, and I think it’s rain recorded with a bad recorder. Feels wet, and reminds me of my walks in Pittsburgh last winter. ugh.

Video 7

Living close to an air field where a lot of planes pass by for a little year in Turkey, this sounds like a plane – and not just a plane but perhaps a jet motor sound. Based on the background noise, probably acrobatic planes, showing off in an open area, where people are talking. Reminds me of my old apartment, and feeling the need to stop recording music when another plane is passing.

Video 8

Again whitenoise. Pretty much the same feelings.

Video 9 

It’s airy, it sounds like the inside of airplane combined with some water sound, maybe even an old airplane faucet, in which there’s no water-jet, so the flow isn’t good when you’re washing your hands. And there’s a kid sitting in the backseat having a hard time trying to a flute. Reminds me of all the flights that I had to take in the past 4 years. Tired. Long.

Video 10

white noise. again.

Video 11

Sounds like an old dying CRT monitor I had hooked up to my recording setup, which would annoy me every once in a while. It’s like the noise of an old capacitor bouncing internal resistance (almost) ? Makes me feel uneasy.

Video 12

Sounds like a toilet flush looped over and over again, or just a big toilet flush tank. Reminds me of middle school pranks. oh so many of them…

Video 13

Someone playing with an old door, to be annoying. It has a small squeek to it, so it’s definitely attached to a piece of wood. Periodic, so could be a door, or a swing, or a cabinet cover something that has an angular movement. Makes me think of my grandmom’s old house, and her bar display cabinets. They used to squeek like crazy! I remember every time I’d go there, when someone’s coming over for dinner, a similar sound would repeat every 5 minutes.

Video 14

Traffic sound, probably something close to the street lamps, because they’re not speeding up, it’s like they’re slowing down as the engine sound gets louder. Not a single road traffic, probably a highway because there are a lot of cars passing by. Immediately made me think of the annoying city traffic at 6pm in Istanbul, one lane moved like crazy, and my lane stood still for hours. So glad to be in Pittsburgh.

Overall thoughts

The whole idea of not knowing where they’re coming from made me feel like it’s a distant memory, and especially because I was wearing hi-fi headphones, it was too intimate and too real, so it felt mostly like memories, or remembering stuff. It didn’t have a critically mind-shifting effect, as I knew this was the exercise, and I was trying to listen to the sounds really hard, and it was more like a broke producer’s sound library test to me. It was challenging because I couldn’t stop myself from going back to memories where I’ve heard these sounds before.

Like the white noise experiments we had in the studio, just for the fun of it with my friends, placing different objects to read the impulse response of the room etc.


For some it didn’t change the feeling I had about them. In fact I would go so far to say as a rebellious kid, I think the audio could be fake in these videos 🙂 But for the most of the part it made me rethink the source, but still without many difference. I guess it’s because the way I tried to “guess” the sounds, and had blank associations with the sounds in my mind first, – seeing the source didn’t change much. It’s like reading a book, then seeing it’s movie and not liking it. I had it all figured in my imagination, I didn’t need the real sources. I liked them the way they are.


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