Reduced Listening 2 – Ziyun

1.  the sound in the foreground sounds like fluid flowing, possibly water, while in the background it’s a whistle like sound fluctuating at approx~ 4-5 kHz. The background sound makes me feel unsettled and a bit uncomfortable if listen for too long.

2. crackling sound, sounds like some particles falling onto a surface. Lovely, this one of my favorite type of sound. 🙂

3. pure noise, aggressive, has sort of a rhythm in it – first two short ones and then a long one. The rhythm gives you a feeling that it has a meaning in it, like “out of signal”.

4. a crescendo of a air pad layering in the back and an almost buried “helicopter”y sound that’s panning between your two ears. It’s actually pretty soothing, I like the bits of harshness from “helicopter”, feels like massaging.

5. very sharp, pure, high in frequency, like very bad violinist bowing on some metal pieces. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, but fork on plate still beats it.

6. crackling sound again but the noise ratio is higher than that of sound#2, more like wood burning in fire. I feel warm, in the wild, again this is one of my favorite type of sound.

7. the wind is strong and is popping the mic. The main sound in the recording is like a block of air and its pitch sliding up and down, at the very last, sounds very much like a bomb or maybe a very fast moving aircraft. I have the feeling of things are whirling in the air, there’re going to be something falling down over my head.

8. pure noise, non-rhythmic, a sound block. I feel it’s powerful and is very blocking, and makes me believe that I won’t hear anything else. Feeling secured.

9.  a drone with a constant, relatively higher sound moving in a very subtle frequency range, there’s also a low drone that sometimes appears and sometimes stops. The sound is very immersive, a little bit mysterious.

10. noise, even harsher, a sound block, feels like there’s more in the higher frequency field. Very aggressive noise that it’s unlike the previous noise I heard, gives me an unsettling rather than secured feeling. The high frequency lingered in my head for a while even after it was stopped. I don’t like it.

11. mouse clicking, people moving, fast moving modulated sound. Feels scientific.

12. A sharp high freq, followed by a joint bending sound (I couldn’t find the right adj. for it), essentially sounds like a door opening/closing . I had to ask my friend to stop the sound in a few ones, can’t listen to it long, the high freq at the beginning is killing.

13. very actively moving sounds like they’re approaching and leaving constantly, car horning. Whenever I hear sounds like that I feel I’m buried in the crowd.

Sound#7, #13 are the ones with very low sound qualities where I hear people talking, mouse clicking and other distracting noises from the center sound. Sound#7 was recorded in a very casual fashion that 20% of the recording was buried in the sound of the wind, but it also makes it more realistic and disclose information about the recording environment.

I mentioned about the “noise ratio” when I was describing sound#2 and sound#6. This makes me wonder if I add some noise to sound#2, would it make it sound more like sound#6?

I don’t think knowing the source would affect much about my impressions with the sounds for I’ll still listen to them carefully. But Guessing the sound sources using your everyday ear experience and sound knowledge and knowing the source after I got the first impressions is absolutely fun! Oscillating fan and steam pipe are my favorite!



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