Reduced Listening 2 – Caroline


Description: There were two levels; first there was an eery slightly oscillating hum and then there was another level of less sustained clicky noises (these sounded like opening and closing and a little like water. There was an overall change near the middle of what I listened too where the clicky sounds got louder. 

Reaction: It is mysterious. It made me feel like I was going on a surreal journey into a tunnel/ rain forest. 


Description: It sounds like it is crackling and spinning in sessions of effort. The spinning remains after the crackling has stopped. 

Reaction: It sounds a bit tinny and it makes me feel like I am listening to a single object doing its work. It is very slightly grading to listen too, but not invasive. 


Description: There are three bursts of stuttering sounds. It flips between a high noise static and silence quickly. There are three short bursts and then a longer burst of static.

Reaction: It woke me up and made me more alert. The static was annoying. It was a mix of a dysfunctional radio and TV.  There was an absolute density to it. 


Description: It swiftly faded in. There were three or four layers. Each of them slowly oscillated and slightly buzzed, yet each layer of the sound sounded some what pure.

Reaction: It was airy. It sounded like maracas just as the sound was starting up. I braced myself because I thought it was going to be a harsh noise but it turned out to be relaxing. 


Description: There was a general white background noise. Then there were several extended very high-pitched sounds. 

Reaction: I felt the squeaks between my ears and at the base of my neck. I wanted to see how long I could listen to them without   the room tone in the back made me think the sound hand not been edited.  


Description: It quickly faded in. There were two layers of sound: There was a soft, bright, wavy and consistent chirping noise in the background. There was a sharp pattern of random percussive sounds in the fore front.  It sounded like rain on a tarp with cicadas in the background.

Reaction: I reminisced to sitting on my grand parent’s porch and listening to the rain. I imagined rain falling onto a black tarp outside. It sounded like Spring. It sounded like the fade in was edited on. 


Description: It was a grainy loud sound that steady increased in erratic nature and amplitude. 

Reaction:  It sounded like a crowd being recorded with poor audio quality, then it sounded like a monster, and then is sounded like gushing water. It sounded like pixelation in audio form. 


Description: Pure, dense, loud static.

Reaction: Unrelenting, small and unbearable. I had to pause it before continuing. 


Description: It was a reverberant consistent sound with a light second layer of more erratic noise.

Reaction: Filling, spacious, twinkly,  satisfyingly grubby, a distant crowd of people. 

Sound#10 (this sounds exactly the same at the past one)


Description: There are three layers; The light white noise of the room, occasional rustling, and then a loud medium high pitch quickly oscillating sound.

Reaction: Sounded like a little wide up doll creature with a mind of its own. It evoked a manic personality and play. 


Description: Sounded like medium density static and larger envelopes of water sounds. 

Reaction: Unpleasant and noisy. 


Description: approaching a receding high pitched sound.  

Reaction:  Playful, eery sound. It describes a character. I followed it in my mind’s eye.  

General Observations 

I found myself frustrated by how trite and direct some of the translations were, from description to reaction. For example the static sound was grating, the reverberant sound was mysterious and enticing. There was a more surprising side: the static was strangely refreshing, but I knew if it remained, it I wouldn’t be able to bear it. 

I found I was very sensitive to hearing whether the sound had been edited. If I thought that sound had been edited, I perceived it as having a layer of artifice. 

I found that I did a lot imaging in reaction to the sound. 

Reaction to Source

The dishwasher was surprising. The steam tunnels was a let down, I so wanted it to be a mystical city. The Jet felt like so many transformations, even though it was a single continuous sound. 


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