interactive system videos

I can appreciate the technical complexity of the performances, but – to me – none of them are compelling enough to view for an extended length of time. My favorite of all the links was Michel Waisvisz, because I found the sounds he created the most interesting. That said, when I had the opportunity to see Laetitia Sonami in a live demonstration, the performance was more intriguing because it seemed there was a palpable connection between the performer, the wearable device, and the audience. That connection gets lost in video documentation. I feel all of these are examples of very cool devices and/or instruments that can add a lot to a project or a performance with additional elements (other instruments, dancers, visuals, etc)… Or if the virtuoso aspect is pushed further. For instance, while Arthur Elsenaar “is the originator of elector-facial choreography,” I find the Daito Manabe videos more engaging.



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