Reduced Listening 2

1. The sound is very rhythmic, which is like.  I do not know what the source is, but this does not bother me. It is not calming, but it is interesting to listen to.  I find myself synthesizing other rhythms in my head that could go along with these rhythms.  I have no problem classifying this as music.

After looking at source: knowing the source didn’t alter my perception.

2. This sounds like water rushing, which has always been a very calming sound to me.  It is not annoying.  I could definitely listen to it for a while and remain calm.  I don’t think I would define it as music or art because it is already present in nature and is not a human creation.

After looking at the source: my perception wasn’t altered, but I enjoyed watching the video along with the sound.

3. To me this sounds like a Laundromat? Maybe a washer or dryer? It is very rhythmic and ambient.  It is not annoying, I think because there are no sharp sounds that stick out in an obtrusive way.  I think this is a “white noise” that many people would find relaxing and be able to fall asleep to.

After looking at the source: my perception wasn’t altered.

4. This sounds like heavy rain to me, which is one of my favorite sounds.  It also sounds like static as well.  This is definitely a calming sound.

After looking at the source: I am surprised that this is just static! Interesting how calming an “unwanted” noise can be.

5. I hear sounds of water rushing, bells, a sound similar to cars passing. It sounds maybe like I am standing at an intersection.  There is no rhythm or structure to the sounds I am hearing and therefore I cannot find calmness in this sound.

After looking at the source: Knowing the source of the sounds made this feel less erratic.

6. There is a strange electronic drone in the background and sounds reminiscent of water sloshing in the foreground.  Something about the sound makes me think of a horror movie. Not calming!

After looking at the source:  I am less terrified now that I know where the sound is coming from – but at the same time I would be terrified if my dishwasher was making that sound!!

Allyson Edington


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