I think that what makes an instrument fun to play is the element of feedback, which lends itself to exploration.  The best instruments, in my opinion, are the instruments that grant the greatest amount of control to the player.  As a player experiments with different ways to interact with the instrument, the amount of control increases, which is fun because certain patterns become predictable.  Of all the videos we watched, I think that this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYfRORkuPX8) most obviously showed the process of experimentation.  This is a cool approach for a video because it allows the audience to better understand how the sounds are coming into being.  Contrastingly, what makes an instrument fun to experience from the audience is likely some combination of how it sounds and how it looks.  Because audience members have no way of know what it’s actually like to play the instrument on stage, they have to mentally form an idea of what’s going on by combining the sounds that they hear with the movements that they see.  For example, in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngygk20M1pI) I found myself constantly trying to figure out which movements resulted in which kind of sounds.  The artist has a clear mastery of her instrument; I can tell that this is true even though I’m not 100% clear on exactly how her glove works.

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