Noise Machine Idea Updated

Ideally, I would like to create a water piece in which water will be leaking from a ceiling and a performer will be dancing in the puddle beneath it. The movement of the performer would create the noise of the piece, and the drip of water would be the source of this happening. 

However, to start smaller, I will focus on the movement of a hand in a pot of water. I want to focus on how to interpret the sounds of a hand in water. I am assuming whatever bucket is holding the water, will be connected to a microphone and then the microphone will be attached to a machine that will interpret the sounds of the hand. However, from here on I am not sure technically how to achieve interesting and new sounds.  

Conceptually, I like the idea of moving within a mishap, finding joy within a misfortune. The misfortune being the leak. I am very interested in Doug Aitken’s Sonic Fountain . I really loved the way he transformed the sounds of the water dripping. However, I want to include the interaction of a performer. 


-Mitsuko Verdery 


3 thoughts on “Noise Machine Idea Updated

  1. There could be an ordinary microphone above the bucket pointing downwards, and a contact mic attached to the bottom/side of the bucket. With those audio sources amplified, you can either add reverb to make those sounds seem larger, or route it through a resonator (or a modulator of your choice) to generate new sounds.

  2. Hi Mitsuko, I think it might help if you tried to get a bit more clarity about the types of sounds you want to explore. It seems like you want to collect sounds from the hand moving in the water and then process them to create something new? If that is the case, perhaps you should start by doing some experiments in which you see what types of sounds you make while moving your hand in water. When we spoke previously, I thought perhaps you meant you wanted to track the location of the hand and use that data to either generate or manipulate sound. If that’s not the case, and the sound itself is of more interest, I definitely want to encourage you to do some improvisation and listening.

    To give a bit of a sense of what I mean — I have a piece in which I took this approach of improvisation and recording (with a bowl, a little bit of water, and a latex glove). You can listen here, if it is of interest:

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