Reduced Listening

Sporadic high pitched sounds, almost deafening, overlapping organic sounds of movement, attacking the silence of a peaceful environment, ruining the beauty of it by overwhelming the ears, all in the name of satisfying their 5 tables-worth of customers. Now multiply this by 3, as a result, destroying a peaceful walk past them while your feet are touching the sand.

It’s interesting to me how inconsiderate people make sounds or play music, without thinking how it’s multiplying when other people do the same. To an insider it’s ordered, to an outsider encompassing everything, it’s chaos. Because there’s no orchestration. There’s no synergy, no agreement, no regulations, no pollution rules. For each individual, sounds that they make, is meaningful. Because they know why and how they’re making it. When multiplied, when in a populated environment, to an outsider, it’s a chaos. I love the chaos that’s put together by individuals/machines/mechanisms/natural sounds – each making sense on its own, perhaps making sense to the source/origin of the sound(ie. a person who is making sound), but not to an outsider who doesn’t know, and doesn’t care about the individual sources, because the outsider only hears the sum of the whole chaos. And even while only standing there and listening, being a part of the chaos.


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