Reduced Listening – michael importico

I can’t escape this sound, a relentless drone.  There is a low pitch to the drone and an accompanying higher pitch, similar to white noise.  The drone seems to pulse in waves very subtly.  In addition to the drone, there are anomalous creeks, cracks and semi-metalic pings.  All of these seem to happen quite randomly, with out correlation to each other or the drone.  An interesting element of this noise is how the different sounds are created.  The hum and drone are created by a never ceasing movement that seems to resonate the entire system of which it was built, but making the most noise at certain points of entry and exit.  The anomalous noises are create mechanically through out the entire system, at points deep within, origin untraceable.  Attempts to silence the mechanical anomalous noises with shims and damping proved futile.

Perhaps the most interesting element of this noise is how at times it irritates the hell out of me, and other times, I don’t even notice it.  Apparently my personal definition of noise, or my tolerance to noise is tied directly to something emotional rather than rational.

-michel importico


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