Reduced Listening

The noises from this noise machine are compacted together creating two dominant noises. The first is repetitive with a low pitch. The timbre is semi-full creating a roundness in movement. The movement is ongoing, steady and somewhat fast. It is a soft scratchy rustling. The other dominant noise is a rhythmic tapping. These tappings are more spread a part than the other noise. They are louder, sharper, and quicker. The tappings are full and short. They sometimes lose its rhythm; yet contain the same shape to each tap. 

What is interesting about this noise machine is its softness despite its busyness. I was less interested in the tapping and more into the low pitched noise. When I listened, I saw a series of parallel lines drawing in different directions inside of this concentric form. Although the lines created a scratchiness, it also contained an elegance due to its softness. It was calming and enjoyable to listen to. 


-Mitsuko Verdery 


One thought on “Reduced Listening

  1. NOISE DESCRIPTION UPDATE: There is an ongoing low-volume, linear humming of the note C across the whole noise. Throughout the C note, is a mixture of low-pitched, low-volume, short sporadic clumps of noises. Each clump is full, but lasts a very short amount of time. Sometimes the clumps are very close in time to one another; but they can also be more spread apart. The overall noise is fairly quiet. It is not distracting; but, still noticeable. The combination of the linear continuous humming and the movement of the clumps create a nice balance. One is not overbearing the other, creating a feeling of ease. -Mitsuko

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