reduced listening

There are two similar but distinct sounds I will attempt to describe that derive from the same ‘noise machine.’ While this machine is capable of a variety of noises, the two sounds I have chosen are…

1 : Meditative :  Because this first noise is so low in amplitude, the most satisfying listening experience is obtained by placing my ear directly onto the machine. This allows me to both hear and feel the low rumble of steady, repetitive vibration. My almost involuntary reaction at this stage is to close my eyes and attempt to synch my brain frequency with that of the trancelike, calming noise machine. Placing my forehead against the machine provides an equally satisfying – if slightly different – experience. With the forehead technique, the sound is less intense, but my vibrational connection/centeredness to the machine is increased.

2 : Amusing :

This second noise is best experienced in close proximity to the machine, but does not require ear or forehead contact to achieve an optimal listening experience, as the amplitude is greater. The sound is still rumbling and trancelike, but additionally there is a peak frequency embedded within noise. With a bit of intervention on my part, the noise adjusts, and the peak frequency is replaced with a soft cracking and interjections of a gentle, rhythmic, crashing. This always makes me smile, and frequently laugh in response.



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