Reduced Listening


It’s a “phew, phew, phew, phew” sound in an endless steady rhythm. Hearing it gives one sensations that appertain to temperature change, and also a sense of movement. It sometimes can become an ignorable drone for it happens so frequently and continuously. It has a high frequency, but also a lower one that sounds like a monotonous moan.

The noise often impedes with my thinking waves, which I particularly enjoy when I am working on one task, for the noise helps removing other thoughts happening in my mind when I am trying to concentrate. The noise also has uniformity in a small space; it sounds very similar everywhere in a room wherever one stands. Furthermore, the noise vibrates in a way that reminds me of humming. I can sense a tight sound wave and, below, an elongated one, both periodic, and both melodic in my ears.

– Ruby W.


One thought on “Reduced Listening

  1. revised description, 2/4
    This sound is similar to a white noise, where the waveforms are hard to determine by ears. It is still a constant flow of noise with two levels of sounds, one with a higher frequency and shorter wavelength, and another one with a lower frequency and longer wavelength. The higher-tone one is produced by a continuous flow of particles. The undertone of this noise has a rhythmic beat that sounds like a chopped and timed deep humming.

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