Noise Machine Idea

My first idea involves materials that have always been a visual interest of mine: liquids in glasses. I wish to make “noises” out of these mediums, transforming visual sensation into auditory senses. There will be pouring of alcohol into glass globes, banging of the glasses’ walls, and maybe dripping of different amounts of liquors into the container. This noise experience relates to the pleasure of drinking. I hope for the audience to be the initiator of this noise machine (maybe start with a person pouring alcohol from one end); then, the machine will continue to make other sounds on its own. I would imagine this machine in a less art gallery like setting, and more of a domestic or private environment.


The second idea of a noise machine requires a more natural interaction. I hope to create a noise machine that is generated by wind and, thus, in an outdoors setting. It can be in small or large form, but I still want to use, again, broken glass pieces as my main material to make the noises. It shall take a form of a mobile, in which when the wind startled one section to make the sound, the other parts are also startled, affecting noises from the other parts of the mobile. By creating this novel “wind-bell”, I hope to arouse an empty sensation that speaks of the after-party feeling through noises.


The last idea of the noise machine is more challenging for me; I wish to combine electronics, mainly motors, with drinking glasses. The clinking sound of wine glasses is a noise that pleases my ears; however, I want to program the motors in these glasses to make a random pattern of differing clinking noises that may be displeasing to hear for a period of them. Conceptually, the clinking obviously depicts drinking, and the continuous clinking of the glasses would emphasize the excessiveness, transforming the pleasing clinking noise into something more provocative.

-Ruby W.


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