“Audio Visual – The problems of defining and exhibiting sound art” – Paul Schütze

Christian Marclay declares: ‘Everything is so portable and easy to share that you don’t need an art institution to tell people what to listen to.’ Yet it is precisely this almost mandatory uncoupling of sound from any and all locations, from the sites of cause, from context and meaning, which induces us to disengage from sound as a primary phenomenon. All sound, even human speech, is in danger of becoming an arbitrary accompaniment to a life of slippery images and fleeting text.

This is a Frieze article that discusses the problems of exhibiting sound art, as well as issues sound art has faced being recognized in a primarily “occularcentric” (visually biased) artworld.

Although it reiterates a lot of what our readings have gone over (particularly in the parts about categorization), I found it to be a well-researched and thoughtful article. Also note that it was penned by a sound artist, Paul Schütze.

Read here.

– Miles

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