Reduced Listening

The noise I hear is rhythmically erratic–but while it sounds erratic it doesn’t sound random. It’s quiet, very subtle, with a scraping quality of sorts.  It has a kind of inherent intensity, despite having a dynamic range that is quite small.

What I find interesting about the noise is the unexpected relationships: the tension between something that sounds at once erratic, but purposeful; intense, but very subtle.

-Abby (I thought it is only fair if I try it, too)

2 thoughts on “Reduced Listening

  1. The sound is delicate, whispery, and somewhat scratchy. It is noise, but run through a high-pass filter. The pacing is quite irregular – sometimes it is fast, sometimes it is slow. Frantic bursts of activity and rapid, erratic, articulations are punctuated with frequent pauses of varying durations. Occasional segments proceed at a slower pace. The sound is structured into a series of phrases of different lengths, each executed at different speeds. I hear musicality in the sound, and a great deal of expressive potential. However, in reality the sound exists entirely in a very narrow range of expressive possibilities: the timbre does not change, and the dynamic range is small. Throughout, the sound remains very soft and subtle.

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