Reduced Listening

The best way to describe this sound is to actually say that is a sequence of “noises” that lasts for short time in a relatively dry environment. It is incredibly artificial sounding but the actual source of the sound itself is not generated from electronics (in other words, it is not coming from speakers or anything like that). It does last for a short time and sometimes the exact sequence of the noises in different depending on the circumstances.

There are several things I find interesting about this noise. If it is the correct “version” of the noise, it actually causes me to feel nostalgia which is probably rare for noise. It’s not obnoxious or invasive really and honestly, I find it kind of pleasant. At some point in the sequence, the noise is partly being caused by it’s source acting on something else in addition to itself which makes the sound slightly more complex, but it also brings with the knowledge that the something is being acted upon (and this is generally a desirable thing when it happens).

-Adam Field


2 thoughts on “Reduced Listening

  1. I didn’t see that we weren’t supposed to reread our original description before I reread it…but I noticed that I didn’t spend a lot of time describing the sound itself and instead elaborated on other things about the sound so I’ll try and fix that.

    Since it is a series and combination of different sounds, I’ll pick one of those sounds in isolation and try to describe that. Imagine a drummer kicking a bass drum repeatedly in precise rhythm at a fairly quick tempo (about 140-160 bpm). Now imagine that same repeating sound tuned up significantly and made slightly noisier (grainier?) by the apparent gears involved in the object’s motion.


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