Noise Machine Ideas

1. My first idea is a machine that plays an instrument. I really love the harmonica and Tibetan Singing bowls. I would be interested in a machine that plays these instruments producing whatever noise that it may; not necessarily the sound we associate with the instrument. How does that transform our thoughts of the instrument and our expectations?

2. My second idea is a dancing noise machine. I would like to create a machine that dances a specific dance to a specific rhythm and see what type of noises are created. I am inspired by Arno Fabre’s Les Souliers piece, and am very interested in this idea of machine choreography. I would like to produce another movement based choreography with a noise machine. 

3. My last idea is a breathing noise machine. I am interested in sounds of panting and heavy breathing. I would like it if a person could pant or breathe and then the machine would reinterpret that sound for a noise. Therefore, changing our relationship with our breath. 


-Mitsuko Verdery 


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