Wall Choreography -Sonophore

As a dancer, Sonophore, is super exciting! It is not only choreography of the wall, but a dance between the person and the wall! There are are so many possibilities of future choreography with this piece. You could set a stage full of these tapes for dancers to dance with. You could also make it a public art piece, in which people could put on these gloves at different parts of a city, and explore the city through these sounds. I loved it! 


-Mitsuko Verdery 


One thought on “Wall Choreography -Sonophore

  1. I love it, too! There’s an earlier piece by Nam Jun Paik called ‘Random Access’ you should check out. I haven’t found a video, unfortunately. Anyway, I ordered some tape heads a while back–hopefully they will arrive in time for the found sound collage section because I’d love you all to have magnetic tape as an option! -Abby

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