Noise Machine Ideas

Entire city.

I’ve been thinking of ways to capture how loud and noisy the cities are in general, and ever since I’ve been to NY, all I want to do is to show why I think noise = new york. Hundreds of sound recorders distributed all over the city, synchronized with gps clock, recording whole cities’ sounds. I think all instruments can take a couple different forms, and can have many different applications (ie: a violin being played on stage, a stradivarius violin showcased in a gallery, or a violins performed elsewhere.) same thing can be applied to this instrument in my opinion. It can be an installation with multiple speakers spread in a room, or it can be a personal headphone experience in a room, with indoor-positioning system, and you’d experience the compressed minimized city while walking in a room from point A-to-B. The players and the audience would be the people of the city, and materials would be basically everything making sounds in a city.

Sound of stolen art.

Months ago, while drinking with my friend, she asked me perhaps the weirdest and most beautiful question. no. – not a proposal. sorry. Her question was : “What does pirated music sound like?”. Why she asked this question was completely irrelevant at the point, and even if she elaborated further I wasn’t listening. Because I was a bit intoxicated, and started thinking about how it would sound like if I sonified the entire pirated music traffic of  “thepiratebay”. Ever since that day, every once in a while I re-visit this idea, to think more about how I could go with doing this. I think it would make a great installation in an art gallery / museum, to show people (or to make them hear) in realtime how much music / art is being stolen while they’re visiting the gallery. The score of the music would be data, the player / interpreter would be a computer, and the visitors of the museum would be the audience. Also, I don’t think it should “look” like anything, it should just be blasted annoyingly through the PA system of the gallery/museum, so that people can see(or not see – but hear) how annoying stealing art can be.

Road Trip.

Road trips with friends are the best thing ever, especially if your friend invites you to drive 12 hours away from city to go to NASA, to see a rocket launch to the moon, and drive another 12 hours back after the 15 minute event. The biggest problem with this obviously is not the driving, but the music that’s playing in the car. Trying to pick what’s going to play next is a big big big challenge. During this crazy trip, I thought it would be incredibly cool, if I could sonify the road, other cars, passers-by, and everything that you can see through the windows basically. The car would generate it’s own music from the road. Since it’s a never-ending and ever-changing road, the music would always be changing and evolving and morphing. The score of the music would be data, the player / interpreter would be the driver and the computer, (as the driver can slow down and change the tempo) and the fellow travelers would be the audience. I think it would look like HAL9000 on a ford’s dashboard.


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