Noise Machine Ideas

1. It may happen to everyone that sometimes we put on the earplug not just for listening to music but also to help oneself getting focused, utilizing sound as a dividing screen of ourselves and the outside world, or making a sign of “Please don’t disturb, I’d rather stay alone now”. Personal space doesn’t only mean the physical space but also the psychological space. I had this idea of making a flying speaker playing white noise (or other sounds) with a sound dome that follows a person, ideally blocking all the sounds outside, to provide him/her a shelter in a public space. The person can call for the shelter service by dialing a # and providing their location data.

2. A noise machine that takes in all your sighs in life. It’s a whisky bottle like portable container, every time you feel upset you would sigh into this container. Whenever it reaches its volume capacity that it couldn’t take any more sighs, it will spit out all the sighs you previous stored and rearranged them in a more organized way to give you a review in a more abstract way of the past days when you were upset.

3. A traditional electronic noise box or a data generated noise.One possible data source I can think of now is the emails. The labels of “important”, “spam”, “ads” of the emails could correspond to different sound/noise timbres.

– Ziyun Peng

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