Noise Machine Ideas

Spectrogram Scanner
This ‘noise machine’ (more like a hybrid instrument) is my proposed extension to the Spectral Tablature piece I mentioned previously. It’s similar to Xenakis’s UPIC, in that graphics are converted into sound. However, this instrument will take the form of something like a barcode scanner, where a participant may use it to scan various drawn/printed images/objects. It is most suited for an art gallery.

Granular Rhythms
This electromechanical noise machine will consist of synchronized tappers (eg drum sticks hitting some surface), where each tapper can be turned on to tap at some multiple of a given input frequency. At low frequencies, combinations of tappers would produce cross-rhythms. At high frequencies, the tappers would tap so fast (granular synthesis) that they would create audible frequencies which form harmonic intervals. Between the low and high frequencies, this machine will enter a grey zone between rhythm and tonality. This interactive installation would be suited for an art gallery.

Air Vent Organ
I imagine this passive ‘noise machine’ mounted on the air vent outside Doherty Hall, turning the mildly obnoxious droning of the vent into something more harmonious by forcing the exhaust through tuned pipes. I suppose it’s not really much of a noise machine since it’s basically reducing the noisiness, but it’s still noise.


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