3 Sound Machines! (Caroline)

Devices Sounds

My first idea is to continue with a past project in which I made a receipt printer sing as it printed. It attempted to sync itself with exactly when the printer was printing letters rather than blank space. The idea to do this was prompted by observing the various noises the printer made while naturally printing. I would like to embed the speaker in the printer and make false device noises as the user interacts with it, which could be from a keyboard or small controller. I want the user to be new to it so they can discover the sounds as they interact with it.

Sound Amplifier Stick

My second idea is to create a stick that amplifies the sound of itself being dragged across different surfaces. I would like it to be played by a semi-virtuoso in a completely dark room. The goal is for the viewers’ sense of space to formed only by the textual noises from the amplified sound and the movement of a point of light at the end of the stick . Its ideal presentation might be a performance or a video piece. It would take some experimentation to decide which form would be best.

High Speed Sound

My third idea is to experiment with attaching a sound system to the CNC router and moving that sound around at high speeds. This could potentially translate onto the 6 axis robot where the sound would actually surround the participant, rather than being on a surface in front of the participant. I would want the CNC to perform different fictionalized paths as people run through spaces. It would need to be a live performance to get the full effect.


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