Wind Sound Machine

My googling adventure led me to a wind sound machine, something I did not know existed before.  I think this may be something that is used as an effect in theater, but it is not exclusive to this setting.  For example, there is one in the steeple of a church in Linz, Austria that seems to be there just for visitors to experience.  What stood out to me about this noise machine is that it is entirely controlled by the user (a quality I seem to be appreciating in sound art and noise machines) and that it imitates a sound we hear in nature.  It stimulates the imagination by creating a sound that we are familiar with in an environment that does not match the sound.  Strengths: the noise machine does not have to be site-specific, is entirely controlled by the user, and creates an intriguing yet very natural sound.  Weaknesses: the noise machine can only create a very limited range of sounds.

-Allyson Edington


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