Something I would love to do…

If attaching the video doesn’t work, I’ll include the direct link here:

So I’ve been interested in the idea of “drawing” music for awhile now and the person who created this has done exactly that. You can play back what you are drawing in real time which is fantastic but I have some criticisms. I don’t think color should be used to determine the octave; I think only one axis should be devoted to be pitch, including it’s octave. Color would perfect to designate timbre (they did show one example of that by using a color to represent percussion). Also, limiting it to the major scale, while very nice for non-musicians, is very limiting towards anyone wanting to create something more complex . I would even consider utilizing micro-tonality, or maybe give the option of doing so.

It’s extremely exciting and inspiring to me that something that seems as complex as this was made using Max/MSP/Jitter. I would definitely like to make something similar one day.

-Adam Field


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