repurposing architecture and instruments

Korinsky Studio’s 3845 m/s very much intrigues me, as I am most interested in immersive environments, especially ones that distort our human sense of time and space. From what I understand, the Korinsky art collective is using proprietary software – Vertical Sound Lab – that exploits how “the human ear mainly perceives sound horizontally.” Aaaaaand, the piece was installed in a former power station – Kraftwerk – in Berlin. Yes please! I am quite romantic about abandoned industrial locations and their potential sounds. Note about the video documentation… At first I thought Korinsky was using video mapping in conjunction with the sound, but after watching a bit further in, I realized this is not the case. The video effects are meant to show the viewer how the sound is being manipulated in the cavernous space. Is it a downside the software is being marketed for commercial use?

On the opposite end of the tech spectrum, I really love the simplicity of Harvest by Cornéer & Lübcke. One of the best parts of the piece for me is that the people pulling the terrafon (“a large agricultural version of the horn gramophone”) are musicians. There are actual tech-friendly works on Cornéer & Lübcke’s website here.



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