Ensemble – Interactive Sound Art

I spent some time looking through the links on our resources page and stumbled upon this art installation in Philadelphia from 2007: Ensemble.  The sound art in this exhibition by artist/musician Christian Marclay intrigued me specifically because of the extent to which people can interact with his works.  Some of the pieces create continual ambient sounds, while others can be controlled by those experiencing the exhibition through manual controls or motion sensors. The sounds are meant to be heard simultaneously to create a unique experience for each person going through the exhibit.  Additionally, artists and musicians performed within the exhibit, creating based on their reactions to the sounds. Unfortunately it was a temporary display and we cannot experience it in person, but I did find some videos of such performances.  Here is one by Marina Rosenfeld.  I think this work was successful because it was so interactive.  Often just looking at or listening to any type of artwork is not enough to move an audience.  Becoming part of the work is a next-level experience.

– Allyson Edington


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